When life knocks you down, it's hard to get back up

I follow a lot of beauty brands in the news, in Sephora, and on social media. The thing I see these companies do repeatedly is sell a perfect image of things that are considered beautiful. I have mixed feelings about this. I love beautifully curated photos on Instagram and the aspirational themes they portray. I love how beauty products can help us and make us feel great. I love the sisterhood that is created when we share favorite products and secret methods of using them. 

Instagram Photo Spread



Yet, I find it hard to relate to some of the images and stories that these brands and celebrities feed us. Sometimes I get tired of the perfection. The glossy images don't resonate with me or my life. At the risk of sounding like the old man grumbling, "Get off my lawn!" - I have to say that I prefer my beauty based in reality. I like products that work. I like brands that embrace all ethnicities, genders, ages, and body shapes (Check out the CoverGirl photo below that features a CoverBOY - LOVE!). I like beautiful images just as much as a story that showcases raw truth. 



James Charles as the new CoverBoy of CoverGirl

Check out James Charles' Summer Glow Technique - he's adorable + hilarious!



You'll see a bit of this juxtaposition in Tiny Hair Workshop's blog posts. You'll get a mix of beauty industry insider tips, along with the truth of what it's actually like to start a new business. Most of the time, it's a rewarding experience that teaches me something new about myself and the world every day. But some days, it leads me into uncharted areas where I feel blind and have no idea what I'm doing.


This week was one of those weeks. I deal with occasional bouts of depression. I know many people do. There were a few things that triggered it, and getting out of it has been slow and difficult. I know all the things I "should" do to help myself. The thing is, it's incredibly hard to do good things for yourself when you feel like crap. Couple this with typical San Francisco summer weather, and it's a recipe for melancholia. 


San Francisco Fog At Its Finest

San Francisco, August 2017 (this is pretty normal for the summer)


Prior to these feelings of sadness, I had been gearing up for three days in a row off of work (at my job as a hairstylist). I was excited to use this time to create big batches of WASH + GO to send out for samples. This didn't happen. In fact, I came to the conclusion that the way I had been planning on testing Tiny Hair Workshop's products on people was not a viable option and I was going to have to come up with a new strategy. I realized I had spent a lot of money and time on my initial plan that now had to be partially re-vamped.

I'm sharing this with you, not for consolation, but because I value honesty and transparency. These things are rarely pretty. I know that sharing information like this might be weird for those of us who are accustomed to seeing only the beautiful, buttoned-up perfection that brands want us to buy into. That's not my style and it doesn't reflect the kind of products I'm hoping to share with you from Tiny Hair Workshop.

Here's to a better week ahead. The things I'm doing to get out of my funk:

  • make bread
  • get off the internet
  • do laundry (I hate laundry, but taking care of life stuff feels great)

Bread, delicious bread