Risk, Fear, + Perfection

Celeste circa 1984
Ahh, to be five and fearless again!

As a kid, I remember saying the word "clock" over and over until it looked like a foreign language and it didn't resemble or reference a timepiece any longer. This is how I felt after making huge batches of AirWaves to send out. I've been developing AirWaves for so long now, I can barely even tell if it works anymore. The reference to "not being able to see the forest for the trees" applies here.

50 bottles of WASH ready to be sent out.

And yet, I had to send them out (insert fear here). I had set a deadline for myself, and the prime season for air drying hair was coming to a close. Were they perfect? No. Am I an expert chemist? Not by any stretch of the imagination. But it's been important to me from the start to be involved the process of creating these products. Most beauty brands rely heavily on marketing to sell products they have little to no hand in creating. I want to make products that work, that have care and thought behind them. Ultimately, this will mean handing over my work to a chemist (more fear of losing control) - someone who can take my best intentions and make them into something real.

My Little Lab
I was able to create reasonable prototypes in my apartment.

This is why it was the right time to send out these samples. AirWaves worked well enough to get my point across. If I were to rate it, based solely on what I was trying to accomplish with its capabilities, I would give it a 6.5 out of 10. Of course, this is purely my own perspective, and that's why the timing was right. Who knows how long it would have taken me to get it to a 10, especially considering I'm not a cosmetic chemist. Also, if I had gotten it to a 10, what if I had sent out the samples and a lot of people gave negative feedback? I would have wasted a lot of time trying to get to "perfect". I know that there is no such thing as perfect, and I know that one product cannot satisfy the needs of every person.

Making Hair Product!
Every time I made a batch, I wondered if it would work better than the previous one.

It's still nerve-wracking to send out something you have spent a lot of time and effort creating, and then ask people to judge that effort. I'm a sensitive person, and I want to make something people will like. A lot of these samples were sent out to clients and friends of mine. I have to face the fact that some of these people won't like these products and might not want to tell me (this is why my feedback survey was anonymous). 

WASH + GO Air Dry Products
The package looks pretty, but will people like the products?

I have to admit, most of the stress I have experienced over the last few months stems from fear. I am constantly in a state of trying to let it go while simultaneously trying to trust the process. What is a risk you may have taken in the last year - a new job, a move, a big change for your family? It's difficult to make the decision, weigh out the possibilities, and commit. How do you deal with the fear of putting yourself out there? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!