7 Hair Myths That Need to Go

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My lab coat gives me the authority to write this list.


I've been wanting to put this information out in the wide open for a long time. It's always bothered me that there are certain myths that prevail around the topic of hair, and they just keep getting perpetuated. Today, I want to set the record straight - let's debunk 7 hair myths! 


1. "Stress is making my hair gray."

The chance that this is true is pretty slim. According to UC Berkeley, gray hair is a result of a build up of hydrogen peroxide in the follicle. Graying is hereditary, so it's likely your parents are to blame more than your kids who are driving you bonkers 😀


Gray hair, don't care
Luckily, gray hair is in, so you can use it to your advantage.


2. "My styling products just stopped working."

I am going to super sleuth this one and make a guess that you probably just need a haircut. If your hair loses its shape, there is little your trusted product can do to remedy that. There are a few exceptions: changes in health, hormones or medication can all have an impact on your hair. 


Is this thing working?

Is this thing working?


3. "I used this product and it repaired my split ends!"

Please, please, please - I'm telling you this to save you money and to be real - your hair is dead and it cannot be saved or repaired. We can have a little memorial service for it right now, I'll wait...

Sorry, Your Hair Is Dead

I know you'll want to email me and tell me you used a miracle product that really works, and that I don't know what I'm talking about. And what I'll say to you is that I'm truly happy you found a product that you love. But physically speaking, it did not repair your hair. Since your hair, my hair, and everyone's hair is dead, there is nothing that can be done to actually repair it. It's the reason why if you bleach your hair and color over it, the hair is still damaged from the bleach. 

What I can say is that these products that "repair" or "strengthen" are really good at filling in the damaged bits on your hair strand (kind of like hair spackle). They're also good at flattening the cuticle, making the hair appear shinier and healthier. If you're looking for these benefits, then yay! But don't be duped into fake promises.

4. "Blowdrying your hair is really damaging."

Blowdrying is not damaging if you do it correctly. What is damaging is high heat combined with excessive force under a prolonged duration of time. A good example of this is if you use the hottest setting on your blowdryer while using a brush and extreme tension. I'm not going to lie, this is a technique that many of us use in the salon because it makes hair look great, fast. But when there is extra time, it's much nicer to use a lower heat setting and not keep the blowdryer pointed at one place. If you're only doing this a few times a week, it's not a big deal (unless your hair is fragile to begin with).  Or, you could just airdry and use Tiny Hair Workshops's AirWaves and forget the whole thing, am I right? 😉


Another alternative to the blowdryer. 

5. "It's bad to wash your hair every day."

I think people want to believe that frequently washing your hair dries it out. I just don't think this is necessarily true. My hair is dry and coarse. Under this belief, I am the perfect candidate to wash very infrequently. 

Here's the thing - if you want to wash it every day, then do it. If you only want to wash it when there's a full moon, that's cool too. I call bullshit on people who say otherwise. There are two exceptions: if you have color or keratin treated hair. In these two instances, you should be washing less frequently. When you wet your hair, it swells the shaft which allows color molecules to escape and keratin treatments to break down.

Showercap Silliness

If you don't want to wash your hair, you can look like this. VOGUE.  

6. "If I want my hair to grow, I need to get regular trims."

No. Nope. Noooooo.

I ask clients who want to grow their hair out to not come in until they feel like they need a haircut. This is an unpopular opinion because it means we're seeing you less and making less money. But I don't care about that. Bottom line: If you want your hair to grow, stop cutting it. It doesn't need to be kept "healthy" because...yes, you remember...it's dead. A good time to get it cut is: When the ends look straggly, when the shape is out of balance, or when it becomes difficult to style. Until then - let it be.


If you want long hair, we need to see each other less. Sorry.


7. "My hair grows faster in the summer!"

What's more likely is that A) your hairstylist left it a smidge longer at your last appointment B) you came in a little later than usual because you were on vacation or C) It feels longer because it's hotter outside and you're ready for something shorter. In my ten years of doing hair, I've only seen a few people who had hair that grew very slowly or very quickly. For most people, a 1/2 inch a month is normal.


I can't even with this mop.


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